Big Wheel 101 – Your Guide To Spinning It Right Round, Baby

The Big Wheel, another crowd favourite in the casino! This fun and easy to follow game will put you on the edge of your seat as you watch it start to slow.

The idea of Big Wheel is simple – bet on what you think the wheel will land on and receive that multiplier on the amount you bet! You can place multiple bets for multiple amounts per spin. When looking at the game you’ll see 5 input fields for the 6 different spin outcomes; 2x, 4x, 6x, 10x and 25x. The Jackpot doesn’t require a bid, land on this and you’re a winner winner!


Chance Ratio
Chance Percentage
Example Bet
Example Profit
2x 18/37 48.65% 50 50
4x 9/37 24.32% 50 200
6x 6/37 16.22% 50 300
10x 3/37 8.11% 50 500
25x 1/37 2.70% 50 1250
Jackpot 1/1,000,000 0.0001% JACKPOT

Expected Returns

Expected Value House Edge
2x 36/37 2.7%
4x 36/37 2.7%
6x 36/37 2.7%
10x 30/37 18.92%
25x 25/37 32.43%