It’s an exciting time in the Zethr camp. With nine developers now onboard updates are coming out hot. Here are some of the rumoured updates in the pipework:

Multiroll Dice

With the recent release of Slots multispin we can be sure that Dice multiroll won’t be far behind. Once released it will put Zethr in the forefront of crypto based dice games with this intuitive solution at making betting easier and cheaper.

Zethr API

Rumours are that a Zethr API is in the works. This API will allow third party apps and sites to plug directly into Zethr allowing greater stat display than is currently available.

The Big Wheel

It’s believed that The Big Wheel style game is now deep in the works at Zethr. This game will be the 5th instalment to the Zethr game list and will add a unique and easy style of gambling. I’m looking forward to seeing the wheel spin!


EthCrash was a popular Ethereum based game. The rules were simple; place a bet and watch the multiplier increase from 1x upwards! Cash out any time to get your bet multiplied by that multiplier but be careful because the multiplier could crash at any time and your money could be gone. The Developers have leaked that this is currently in the works, completion date unknown.

Common Casino Table Game

That’s all the information i’m allowed to give.


This huge update will expand the Zethr community into far more mediums. Using ZethrLink third party developers will be able to link directly into the Zethr solidity contracts and interact with them. This means Zethr mobile games, Zethr live casinos and maybe even Zethr VR! The limits are boundless. A large incentive for developers to create third party Zethr games is that the developers receive half the house cut.


ZethrSnap will be one of the main reasons to hold Zethr. The developers are currently working on a system where the users receive half the profits (in the form of Zethr Tokens) of the Casino games from the last 7 days. It’s believed that in order to receive the profits you’ll be required to send your tokens to a snapshot contract. Once the snapshot is complete you can withdraw your tokens until the following week, where you’ll be able to receive bonus tokens once again. The higher your dividend rate, the more tokens you’ll receive. Literally free money.