Today the Zethr development team introduced a revolutionary feature to Ethereum contract gambling; the multispin!

Previously with every slot spin you would be required to spend gas, as well as wait for the transaction to confirm. Now with multispin the user can simply set their bet amount, and select the total number of spins they want to complete, from 1 – 100. As well as this game changing feature the developers have added an auto-play button, allowing you to sit back and watch the wins (or losses). Not only is it far easier and faster, but you’re also saving money on fees. For example, previously if you were to do 100 spins on the slots you would pay approximately $30.00 in fees, now that’s only $0.80.

Note: Please remember to always collect your winnings within an hour of winning them or they will be lost. 100 rolls will take approximately 30 minutes.